Unexpected Sabbatical.

I walked into the Summer knowing I would be on the West Coast for about a month visiting supporters and my family. What I did not expect is that my one month away would turn into three. For reasons longer than this post will allow, God knew how essential this time would be for me and my mission at hand. I am forever grateful for the community and opportunities this Summer presented. He is faithful. #keepjanellealivetour2018


First Year

It has been a week full of back to school orientations here at Harvard. Check it out! 

* Freshmen Welcome Week

*Chan School of Public Health

* Harvard Graduate School of Education

Foursquare rolled out our very first GIVING TREE! Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. I am in AWE of the work of Jesus on this campus and the opportunity Foursquare has to partner in that work. Keep praying. Keep giving. Let's go! 


Summer of 100

This summer I  had the honor and privilege of spending a month in Washington State, visiting pastors and mentors where I have lived and served along side for 10 years. As I have visited church after church sharing my Harvard Story, the love and support has been truly overwhelming. As I reflect on all Jesus has accomplished in this year alone I am challenged to expect his grace, peace, and love as my first full school year approaches. I am in awe of his great love for the students, staff and faculty of Harvard University and his work both great and small in my life and ministry he has set before me. Thank you friends, pastors, and congregations for being the best cheer squad! So much gratitude.  

Commencement Week 2017

It's Commencement Week!! The campus is a buzz with jubilant and expectant graduates with their equally proud and beaming families. Join me in prayer for the class of 2017 as they are commissioned into the world. 

Be Yourself.

When I was asked nine months ago to consider this assignment I laughed out loud. For a myriad of reasons, there are many more qualified people to pastor the intellectually elite. Yet, I am reminded that this is the way of the Kingdom. It is backwards. It leaves us individually needing Jesus to show up in ways that no one or nothing can. This is the life of a follower. This is the sweet spot of faith. In my journey from West to East, He has turned my laughter into awe and a challenge to be myself in all things. By following just as I am, my life inevitably points to Jesus and points others to a freedom that only comes from Him. 

Voting Day

This picture was taken the day I was voted into the Harvard Chaplaincy and my first official meeting as a Harvard Chaplain. This was also the day I was introduced to this amazing woman Tammy McLeod. Tammy and her husband Pat have been CRU Chaplains at Harvard University for the past 16 years. I join them and 33 other men and women serving the students of Harvard University. 

A New Beginning

On March 9th, 2017 I packed two suitcases and moved to Cambridge, MA. I moved into an apartment I had never seen, to live with two roommates whom I have never met, to serve Harvard University as a Foursquare Chaplain. Through this "update section," I will be sharing my journey of faith, highlighting bits and pieces of a narrative that is beginning to unfold. I hope you will join me. 

In the beginning...